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If you are looking to get some exercise and also want to get to know the area, we have added below a number of different walks; one for each day of the week (Mon-Fri), which vary in length. Have a go and let us know what you think. All walks start and end at Bont Elim Community Church on Alltiago Road.

You can spend the time praying as you walk and enjoy the scenary, thanking God for His wonderful creation.











A great website to visit and indeed the source for these route maps is

What's on at Bont Elim?

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 Building Improvements

Give your address and we plan you a route to us

Rooms for Hire

Rooms for Hire

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Upcoming Events

Fri Dec 13 @ 3:30PM - 05:30PM
Get a Life
Fri Dec 13 @ 4:00PM - 05:15PM
Super Gang
Sat Dec 14 @ 9:00AM - 01:00PM
Star Dance
Sat Dec 14 @10:00AM - 11:00AM
Boogie Bounce
Sun Dec 15 @10:30AM - 11:59AM
Communion Service and Sunday's Cool
Sun Dec 15 @10:30AM - 11:55AM
Sunday's Cool
Sun Dec 15 @ 4:00PM - 05:00PM
Bont Praise
Sun Dec 15 @ 6:00PM - 07:00PM
Youth Revolution
Mon Dec 16 @ 6:00AM - 09:00AM
Reflection and Prayer
Mon Dec 16 @ 9:00AM - 11:30AM
Y Meithrin