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Was a member of the church and active in the young people’s work. He went into the Baptist ministry and ministered in their churches in West Wales.



Married Pastor A. J. Chutr, who had been a very successful pastor in Beulah.


Married another Elim Pastor, Edward Jarvis. During their ministry at Swansea the beautiful building of the City Temple was built. Edward passed into the presence of the Lord in 1979. Marion was recently married to Pastor James Hardman, another Elim minister who enjoyed a successful ministry in Beulah.


The wife of Harry Rees who served faithfully at her husband’s side until she was taken home at quite an early age.

In his contribution to, “Hanes Pontardulais”, Llewelyn Bell states that Beulah joined Elim in 1939. There is a lapse in his memory here. I left for Hampstead Bible College in January 1940. By this time, Stanley Green had been pastor for six months, then Alfred Chutr for at least two years and John Cooper had been there for a few months. I would estimate that Beulah joined Elim in 1937.

Up to Present Day

In 2007 Jason Beynon joined us as our Pastor, Pastor Jason has been a member of Bont Elim for many years (he was saved in Bont Elim over 20 years ago). After recognising God's calling on his life he joined the Elim MIT programme and graduated in 2011.

As a fellowship we had been looking for a new home since about 2002, as we had outgrown our building on Twyniago Road. In October 2011 the KS3 Pupil Referral Unit on Oakfield Street was put on the market by Swansea City Council. After much prayer and a unanimous vote by the church member's, we entered into negotiations to purchase the building which sits on 0.6 acre of land. We were successful in purchasing it and received the keys on Friday 6th of April 2012. Our building on Twyniago Road was vacated on Monday 9th April 2012 when we moved to our new home. The official opening took place on the weekend of the 29th and 30th September 2012 and was led by Pastor Geoff Feasey, with Mrs Grace Morgan (nee Parry) cutting the ribbon.

We thank God for His goodness and pray that we will know His hand of blessing on our new spiritual home.

We are grateful for the many Godly Pastors who have ministered at Bont Elim Community Church 'Beulah' in the past; who all had an influence for the Lord in the Bont - apologies if I have missed any off the list.

Steven Gunn, Derek Lambelle, John Fry, Paul Rowe, Robert Kane, John Leonard, Richard Buxton, Billy Fenning, Roger Hutchinson, Edward Cole, Geoff Feasey, Derek Lambelle, Robert Pender, Kenneth Smith, William Dempster, Phillip Brewer, George Steele, Cyril Martin, Kenneth Weldon, Reginald Taylor, Edward Jarvis, Frederick Coleman, James Hardman, Agnes Kennedy, Alfred Chutr, Ken Weldon, John Cooper, Stanley Green

If you know of any others drop us an email.

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Rooms for Hire

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