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The following information was supplied by Mr Clifford Rees, he was the ten year old boy mentioned in the above account.

“Beulah church started in a very ordinary way. Not through the strength of a revival or crusade. In January 1918, on a Sunday morning in Penvidi House in the home of David Llewelyn Bell, a stone’s throw from the Goppa chapel, there was a prayer meeting attended by one. The collection was one shilling in old currency, five pence by today’s.

In the evening the number had increased to two, Mr. Bell being joined by his wife. In a short time the number had increased to seven When the first home became too small for the growing congregation, a portable building seating sixty people was purchased and was set up near the King Hotel. Some very famous Pentecostal ministers preached in this building, notably Steven Jeffries. It became necessary to move to a larger building and Beulah was built seating about a hundred on Twyn Iago.”


From the church two other churches have branched out. The Apostolic church Carmel in Pontardulais and its sister church in the village of Ponlliw.

The influence of the church has extended to regions far from its immediate vicinity with the significant number of its members entering the Christian ministry


Native of the neighbouring village of Ponlliw was converted during an evangelistic rally conducted by Blodwen Bell in the Institute Rooms in Pontardulais. Blodwen was a one-time missionary to India. John Clement felt the call of God to missionary service in Japan where he ministered very successfully for many years. Later he served as a pastor in the Assemblies of God in the United States.


One Sunday morning, Llewelyn Bell found himself in the church without another soul in the congregation. In these circumstances, many would have had a time of prayer and then gone home early. Not so Mr. Bell, he had a full service. The usual number of hymns, the Scripture readings, the time for prayer and worship and partaking of the Communion Table. He even preached the sermon to himself. So at the usual time that the Sunday morning meeting finished, he was locking the door of the church. A young man, walking his dog passed by. There were no bungalows in Twyn Iago at that time, it was an open field area. The young man had been to a service in the chapel that he attended and was walking the dog while his mother was preparing the Sunday dinner. Quickly Mr. Bell entered into conversation, about the Lord, of course. The upshot was that the door of the church was unlocked, the young man accompanied by the dog entered with the preacher and knelt at the front pew accepting the Lord has his Saviour.

Thomas Elfed became the organist in Beulah for a number of years before entering the Elim Bible College in Clapham London. He was a prominent Elim minister for the rest of his life successfully pastoring many churches.


Son of the founder of the church also became an ordained Elim minister while pursuing his vocation as a schoolteacher. He was a gifted Gospel singer. In his teen years he had ministered at the piano in some of the great crusades conducted by Stephen Jeffries. He brought blessing to many large gatherings including the Royal Albert Hall in London which was packed to capacity in the great meetings convened by Principal George Jeffries. Wille’s wife, Blodwen was a product of Cross Keys church which was the first Pentecostal Church in Wales. She had served as a missionary in India. She was a gifted preacher and with her husband ministered in many churches throughout Britain.

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